Dr.-Ing. Karin Borst








Professional vita ...

- Freelancing since 2003

- Member of VDI – The Association of German Engineers
- 2014 -2022 Chair of the Technical Committee FA107 "Failure Analysis", since 1999 member of the "Expert Group Failure Analysis" of the VDI Department of Materials and Nanotechnology.

- Member of German Steel Institute VDEh

- Gerling Group:
13 years: Investigation of root cause and extent of damages for engineering, machinery, fire hazards and third party insurance companies and industrial customers
Head of material testing laboratory with full responsibility

- Doctoral thesis on:
Optimizing creep behavior of austenitic welds with a low percentage of delta ferrite

- Senior engineer at Institute of Materials in Bochum
Department of material testing at Ruhr University of Bochum headed by Prof. Dr. Michael Pohl

Study of metallurgy with a focus on material science
at RWTH Aachen

Parallel and subsequent to university 4 years employment at the Electron Microscopy Laboratory (GFE) at RWTH Aachen with a focus on SEM technology